Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems have become much more sophisticated in recent years. With the introduction of IP-based systems and megapixel images, newer security cameras can provide much more information and clarity than they could in the past.  If you haven’t seen the image from a megapixel surveillance camera, contact us for a free demonstration.

And, Digital Video Recording has enabled much faster access to critical video recordings than was available with analog Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs).  These digital recording units allow you to easily search for recorded video events and can be connected via the Internet to allow you to view the video from a remote computer or a mobile device like an iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry.

Please contact us via email or by calling  678-924-7480 for more information on effective video surveillance systems for your organization and a for a FREE security evaluation.

Picture of Arecont Vision Camera

Arecont Vision AV20185DN Camera

For more information on advanced video surveillance systems and a FREE security evaluation, please contact us via e-mail or by calling  678-924-7480.