Access Control

Access Control Services in Atlanta:  Our access control systems provide you with incredible flexibility to manage the security of your facilities.  Whether you are responsible for a small strip mall, a church, a medium-sized office building, or a large manufacturing facility – controlling access to your buildings is a critical component of managing risk today.

Our featured managed access control solution makes it easy to keep your premises secure without you having to learn and manage complicated software. Our access control systems are customized to the needs of your organization and are focused on providing you a simple, flexible way to control, manage, track and document access control events.

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Additional options to enhance your access control system include:

Photo Badging:  By adding a software package and printer, you can add another layer of security by using printed photo identification badges.

Intercom:  Video Intercom System with remote door lock release for more effective entry control.

Integration with Video Surveillance Systems:  By integrating digital video and access control in a single, simple-to-use platform – we can give you greater capabilities and the power to interface seamlessly. You can capture and verify live video and tie it to an alarm event, generate video pop-ups as the event occurs, and can pan, tilt, zoom and monitor up to 16 cameras at a time.

Access Control in Atlanta For more information on advanced Access Control systems and a FREE security evaluation, please contact us via e-mail or by calling  678-924-7480



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